Rob Terry

Rob Terry is the best physical specimen in the history of TNA. They don't call him the "Freak: Rob Terry for nothing. This punishing bruiser arrived during the British Invasion and TNA hasn't been the same since. Rob Terry a lifelong athlete and body building champion has dedicated himself to conditioning his body relentlessly to one day be the TNA heavy weight champion of the world. But almost more impressive than his size and strength is his record length of time he held the TNA Global Championship. Claiming the Global Championship in January 2010 during TNA Wrestling's tour of the United Kingdom, and went on to hold the title for its record of 167 days.

Currently Rob Terry is a member of team Immortal, where he is surrounded amongst some of the best and biggest names and living legends the Wrestling industry has to offer. With names like the Immortal Hulk Hogan, Rick Flair and Eric Bischoff running team Immortal, Rob Terry needs to continue to be relentless in his pursuit to prove he is the future of TNA.

Rob Terry has a powerful presence, while possessing enormous size and strength to become the most dominant force in TNA Wrestling. It's only a matter of time before this Welsh newcomer to professional wrestling gains the experience and knowledge to dominate on both the physical and mental facets of the ring.


HOMETOWN: Swansea, Wales UK

FINISHER: Full Nelson Slam/ Spine Buster/ Jumping spin kick.

2006 1st Place Muscle Mania Heavy Weight World Champion and Professional status