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What are PowerFX Bands?

PowerFX Bands are 100% medical-grade silicone bracelets, Each band features two exclusive PowerFX programmed data discs, designed to maximize performance and improve overall wellness.

Wearing a PowerFX Band helps you to unleash your full potential by increasing your body's natural synergy. Our products are designed to help fine-tune your body's natural energy field, increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles, and harmonizing the electro frequencies of your body and its environment.

What are the benefits of wearing a PowerFX Band?

Many users report increased balance, flexibility and energy levels. When your body's natural energy is flowing freely you are able to use your body's full potential and perform to your optimal levels. Frequency therapy has been known to increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, and help with a multitude of ailments. These include, but not limited to muscle and joint pain, balance, headaches, viral activity, sleeplessness, problems with focus & concentration, muscle recovery, and MORE!

Who can wear PowerFX
PowerFX technology was developed to enhance the daily lives of everyone. When your body feels more powerful, flexible and in balance, you can't help but improve your game.

Is PowerFX only for professional athletes?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from wearing PowerFX Bands! However, we have many top athletes among our customers, since especially professional athletes are always expected to give top performance. PowerFX helps them to reach their full potential.

How does PowerFX work?

Like on a computer or music disc, information is stored on the data disks of each PowerFX Band. When the data disk are applied to your body or clothing, it enters your body's energy field and the body accesses the information stored on the disks. Using signal transduction by way of a thermal sync effect, the energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information in stimulating the acupressure points of your body, just as needles would do in acupuncture. In addition, thermal sync also provides temperature variance over and under the disk that creates an energetic effect on the acupressure point. The energy field becomes the carrier wave for the accessed information. The technology stored in the PowerFX wristband's data disks helps to regulate your body's energy frequency to an optimal level. This means you will feel better and operate with greater general well being.

What is the PowerFX technology?

PowerFX uses cutting edge frequency technology, that is stored on each data disc.

What is the science behind PowerFX

Your body is essentially an electromagnetic instrument, controlled by highly complex and orderly oscillatory electrical processes. Each one of these electro-biological processes vibrates at a specific frequency. When our frequencies resonate in sync, we are healthy and our bodies perform optimally. PowerFX does just that; it regulates your body's frequency to an ideal level.

Imagine a radio station that is not tuned to the right frequency even if it is one point off it will not sound clear. When the radio is on the right frequency it sounds perfect, full, clear, and crisp. PowerFX works in a similar way, by allowing all of your cells to "resonate" on the same frequency at once. This cellular communication is instant and dramatic. Optimal health and peak performance occur when your body maintains ionic balance (the exchange between negative and positive charges) and free-flowing energy pathways at the optimum frequency.

Through years of research, PowerFX identified specific frequencies that resonate positively with the body's electrical field. Using advanced laser technology we devised a method to store these frequencies in 3-D inside the PowerFX Data disk.

How long will the Data disks last?

The PowerFX Data disks will not lose their programming unless they are damaged - which is hard to do because of their extremely durable Copper Mylar material. You can wear your bracelet 24/7.

Is there a certain way the PowerFX Band needs to be worn for it to work properly?

As long as the disks are within your bio-electric field or one to two inches of your body, it will function properly. However, for optimal results, place the disks close to an acupuncture point (wrist, ankle, back, etc.) on your skin or clothing. Hydrate well for maximum effectiveness. Recommended is to consume half your body weight in ounces of non-fluoride water over the course of each day.

Do the Data disks need to touch my skin?

No. It only needs to be within close proximity to your skin - within one to two inches.

How long does it take to feel the effects of PowerFX?

The effects show up immediately on machine testing and with kinesiology testing. Individuals vary in the felt effect generally based on how hydrated they are. PowerFX customers may notice better strength, flexibility, endurance and pain relief immediately after putting on the wrist band(s). Other additional effects can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to notice. The results can vary with each person.

When should I wear my PowerFX Band?

You can wear your PowerFX Band 24/7 or for just part of the day, depending on your preference and when you want to obtain optimal results. Buy them in multiple colors so you have one for every outfit, and for every occasion! Our bands are constructed of 100% surgical grade silicone for durability and to diminish skin irritation.

Can I wear PowerFX when I sleep?

There are no restrictions on wearing PowerFX bands.

Can I wear multiple Power FX products at once?

It does not hurt to wear multiple holograms. However, we recommend that you consult your distributor for your special needs if you want to wear more than one band at a time.

Can PowerFX get wet?

Yes! In fact, PowerFX products are great for water sports and activities and can be worn while showering. Many PowerFX customers are swimmers, surfers, wakeboarders, and divers. Again, there are no restrictions for wearing your PowerFX Bands.

Is it a gimmick?

PowerFX technology is no gimmick. We understand that the concept seems too good to be true. However, PowerFX uses a specialized combination of ingredients in which properties are known to positively affect the body's daily operation. We simply harness those abilities with our products! It's not magic- it's science.

Are the PowerFX magnets?

PowerFX products are not magnets, nor are they magnetic in any way. Magnets create their own electric field and only one field, whereas PowerFX uses numerous algorithms and signals that are programmed into the disks in conductive material to tune your body's naturally occurring bioelectric field.

Is Hydration important?

A critical requirement for PowerFx Bands to be effective is proper hydration - drink water. It is especially important for athletes, in particular, to continually consume water, while wearing the bracelets. The only limit to cellular communication is hydration; consequently, by increasing cellular communication in the body by drinking water increases the effect of PowerFx bracelets.

Our PowerFx bands do not treat or cure any specific disease; they simply enable the body to function at a higher level of health. When this type of natural healing environment is present, in many cases, the body is able to effectively repair and heal itself in many cases. Naturally, individual results will vary depending upon numerous personal and environmental factors such as overall state of health, age, and diet.